20 Best Tech Titles Left in My Library Sale

You might remember when I read and reviewed technical books at a torrid pace. Along the way I donated hundreds of books to readers. Some of you who attended northern Virginia security group meetings, or security classes I taught at Black Hat and elsewhere, might remember me lugging boxes of books, and leaving them on tables and counters. I just wanted to get the books into the hands of readers. I recently donated several boxes of books, along with computers, to the local Cyber Patriots team.

During the last few weeks I’ve been selling much of my technical library online, reaching an audience that far exceeds what I could meet in person. I’m using the proceeds to add to my martial arts library, a long-buried interest that I’ve revived and which I am documenting at a separate blog, Rejoining the Tao.

Now I’m left with the titles seen above. I looked at them and realized there are some great books here. I decided to list them in this post with links to my original reviews, where available, and with a link to the purchase landing page. In each case I’ve tried to be the lowest price. However, I’ve learned over the last few weeks of the relentless competition among book sellers to reduce prices every day. This is an incredible boon for readers!

Some of these books are new and contain no markings. The ones rated “acceptable” or “very good” contain my neat black underlinings, and a side note or two. Some of you have apparently already purchased books from my library because of these highlights.

All of my books are in excellent condition. However, when I started the listing process several weeks ago, I assumed books with markings were only “acceptable.” More recently I learned that markings result in a book being no better than “very good.” Some sellers abuse these ratings, listing marked books as “Like New”! In my case, you will see books with “acceptable” or “very good” ratings in my list, although, as I said, I keep my books in excellent condition — aside from markings, where noted.

If you order any of these by midnight ET tonight, I will get them in the mail Wednesday morning before work.

On to the books!

The following I reviewed as 5 star books:

Running IPv6. Review. Buy. The author writes very clearly, in a multi-OS manner.
Computer Networking: Internet Protocols in Action. Review. Buy. This is the book I frequently recommend to newbies to get started with packet analysis. CD-ROM included.
Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide: Field Tested Solutions for Everyday Problems (2nd Ed). Review. Buy. This book is special. I wrote “a whole new dimension to network analysis, particularly at the lowest levels of the OSI model.”
Beginning C: From Novice to Professional. Review. Buy. I said “It’s like an entire class in book form.”
The following I awarded 4 stars:
Inside the Machine: An Illustrated Introduction to Microprocessors and Computer Architecture. Review. Buy. I said that I wish I could have awarded this book 4 1/2 stars. I wrote ” The book doesn’t teach assembly, but it shows, instruction by instruction, how it maps to machine language (bit by bit).”
Security Patterns: Integrating Security and Systems Engineering. Review. Buy. I wrote ” I still think SP deserves four stars for breaking fairly new ground with this approach, and using non-digital examples to emphasize concepts applicable to information security problems.”
Professional Assembly Language. Review. Buy. I wrote “I think you’ll enjoy reading the book as much as I did.”
VPNs Illustrated: Tunnels, VPNs, and IPsec: Tunnels, VPNs, and IPsec. Review. Buy. I wrote “VPNs Illustrated is a great book for those wishing to understand network traffic at the packet level. Author Jon C. Snader was inspired by the earlier TCP/IP Illustrated volumes, and tries to reproduce the Tcpdump-style material found in Stevens’ classics.”
Crimeware: Understanding New Attacks and Defenses. Review. Buy. I wrote “Crimeware is an impressive examination of malware, on a variety of fronts.”
The Best of Freebsd Basics. Review. Buy. I wrote “If you are a beginner to intermediate FreeBSD user, you will find this book invaluable. If you are an advanced user, you may find a helpful tip or two as well.”
The Security Development Lifecycle: SDL: A Process for Developing Demonstrably More Secure Software. Review. Buy. I wrote “I cannot recall seeing another technical company share so much of its internal procedures with the public.”
The following books do not feature my reviews, but they are 4-5 star reviewed at Amazon.com.
Industrial Network Security, Second Edition: Securing Critical Infrastructure Networks for Smart Grid, SCADA, and Other Industrial Control Systems 2nd Edition. Buy. New condition.
Absolute OpenBSD: Unix for the Practical Paranoid, Second Edition. Buy. New condition, except signed by author.
Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking. Buy. New condition.
DNSSEC Mastery: Securing the Domain Name System with BIND. Buy. New condition, except signed by author.
Malware Analyst’s Cookbook and DVD: Tools and Techniques for Fighting Malicious Code. Buy. New condition.
Understanding IPv6 (3rd Edition). Buy. New condition.
Advanced Penetration Testing for Highly-Secured Environments: The Ultimate Security Guide. Buy. New condition.
I have two copies of my first book, The Tao of Network Security Monitoring, left in stock. Buy.
I have several copies of my newest book, The Practice of Network Security Monitoring, left, in multiple languages: 
If you would like any of these books signed, please let me know via “seller feedback” after buying, and I will sign them before shipping. 
I’m afraid I’m only shipping within the US. Everything I’m selling, beyond these 20 titles, is listed here:
Richard Bejtlich on Amazon.com Click the “products” tab to see listings.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment here. Enjoy!

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