200 Million Data Enrichment Records For Sale on Darknet

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Full data enrichment profiles for more than 200 million people have been placed up for sale on the Darknet. Details of this incident came to Salted Hash via the secure drop at Peerlyst. The data was first vetted by the technical review board at Peerlyst, who confirmed its legitimacy. Once it was cleared by the technical team, a sample of the data was passed over to Salted Hash for additional verification and disclosure.

The person offering the files claims the data is from Experian, and is looking to get $600 for everything. However, sources at Experian said that they were made aware of this data breach last week, and investigations determined that it wasn’t their data.

“We’ve seen this unfounded allegation and similar rumors before. We investigated it again – and see no signs that we’ve been compromised based on our research and the type of data involved. Based on our investigations and the lack of credible evidence, this is an unsubstantiated claim intended to inflate the value of the data that they are trying to sell – a common practice by hackers selling illegal data,” Experian said in an emailed statement.

There are 203,419,083 people listed in 6GBs worth of records. The profiles include PII such as a person’s name, full address, date of birth, and phone number, but because it’s enrichment data – the records also include more than 80 personal attributes.

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