Adobe Patches Flash Zero-day Vulnerability


Adobe has released a patch to fix several security-related problems with its Adobe Flash Player. Adobe released its monthly security patch that included fixes for 25 security issues, including the zero-day. It has updated Flash Player for Windows, Mac and Linux to address the vulnerabilities.

The company made an announcement to draw attention to the zero-day exploit (CVE-2016-4117) discovered by security researcher Genwei Jiang from FireEye.

While Adobe’s pre-notification advisory only mentioned CVE-2016-4117, an advisory published by Microsoft for Flash library updates for Internet Explorer and Edge showed that a total of 25 flaws would be fixed.

Adobe has also released updates for Reader, Acrobat and Cold Fusion to fix nearly 100 vulnerabilities.

Last month, Adobe had pre-announced and patched a similar Flash zero-day that allowed attackers to deliver the Cerber and Locky ransomware families.

Updates for Flash running on Windows, Mac and Linux have been released and are available for download. The latest Adobe Flash Player version numbers are for Windows and Mac, and for Linux distros.

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