An app that uncovers privacy


At least 10,000 children with Apple and Android phones are said to have been remaining unprotected as they keep using Amazon cloud servers that helps their parents monitoring them. 

A cyber security expert claimed to have discovered that a server put in place by Teensafe, an app developer is all that displays the personal and sensitive details of the tiny smartphone users. Further, the app allows the parents to know the web browsing history of their children. 

According to the stunning disclosures, unprotected text and password along with other personal details including the details of their parents are on display on operation mode of the device which could reach the hackers on the wait forcing the authorities to shut down one of its server in question.  

These are in addition to the name of the devices and its unique identifying details. Apart from it, the corporate house has been keeping the users and clients on maximum alert. 

An official spokesperson of the Los Angles based app maker said the disclosure has forced them to close down one of the servers before keeping the people on alert to help them avoid the impact. 

According to reports, these disturbing revelations came from Robbie Wiggins in whose study disclosed umpteen numbers of doubtfully configured devices with huge access to Amazon Internet Company. 

The expert jumps into the conclusion that with open access and uncovered password, all sensational data belonging to nearly 10,000 children are easily available in the absence of safety measures and firewall from Teensafe. 

According to the cyber security experts, some devices deployed by many corporate houses have been caught in some identical errors. But Teensafe has talked of an app to safely monitor the smartphone in use. 

Whenever it is in operation, the app would allow the parents to scan the text messages.

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