Android O to tackle ransomware better!

(pc-Google Images)

Google is expected to give developers their first look at the next major Android version. This starts with Android, predicted to give developers their first look at the next major version.

Android O will prevent ordinary apps from displaying several kinds of system alerts — which has been a common tactic used by Android ransomware to lock users out of their devices.

Android currently has two broad groups for permissions: normal and dangerous. With Android O, there’s a new level called “above dangerous” being added and these system alerts will be placed in that category. When a non-system app tries to pop open one of these alerts, it won’t be able to do it.

Google is also allowing users to shut down apps that show other types of system windows. Starting with Android O, when ransomware or other malware attempts to lock users via a system window, the user can pull down the Notifications panel and shut down the app that’s locking him out of his phone.

Meanwhile, until the arrival of Android O, Google has recently offered several tips that will help to improve protection against ransomware.

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