Another Bug In Google+ Paves Way For The Platform’s Early Shut-Down

In light of yet another bug discovered by Google in its social network that goes by the name of Google+, the platform’s close-down is proximate.

Reportedly, the glitch has affected Over 52 million users. 
Despite the account’s being set to private it lays bare personal information like the name, age, occupation and email-address to third party developers.

The bug had come into existence in November but was discovered not of late.

Google+ was already on the path of getting shut down when in October it was revealed that 500,000 users’ data had already been exposed.

The new hot discovery has only further ignited the fire of this close-down, which will ensue within 90 days.

David Thacker, the head of product management for G Suite, recently cited his views which implied that the new bug’s existence shall result in closing down of all the Google+ APIs. [Application Programming Interfaces]

An occurrence that David Thacker called as “Sun-Setting” of Google+ consumers is also to be accelerated from August 2019 to April 2019.

In October when the news of exposed data came forward, the users got unsettled, especially when it got to the public’s notice that the company knew about the issue ever since March.

The company intentionally decided not to tell the public about it dreading the idea of a scrutiny.

Meanwhile, the safeguarding of users is also being regarded as a priority by Google. The issue came into view during the routine testing by the Google staff.

As of now there is no proof as such, of any involvement of any fishy party with respect to the bug.

Sundar Pichai appeared before the Congressional committee, and a day before that is when the latest admission of the bug showed up. The hearing is to be all about Google’s work and internal affairs.

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