APAC Organizations Completely Oblivious to Cybercrime

Despite increased security concerns among businesses, security research reveals organizations across Asia-Pacific are not in the slightest trained to detect and fight cyberattacks. With a 374-day delay in response time, APAC companies expose themselves to security risks by failing to come up with suitable training and strategy.

Following some top-level attacks in 2015, researchers found the organizations took 17 months to catch the culprits in their infrastructure, in comparison with US IT specialists sho take around four months.

“In 2015, we continued to see heightened levels of cyber threat activity across APAC,” the report says. “We surmise that this is likely fueled by regional geopolitical tensions, relatively immature network defenses and response capabilities, and a rich source of financial data, intellectual property, and military and state secrets.”

For the past 10 years, APAC has been a victim of Chinese hackers seeking confidential economic, military and political information. Reliance only on antivirus software, careless password management and a lack of expertise have all contributed to a vulnerable infrastructure, analysts say.

APAC organizations are behind in threat intelligence experts and response strategy. Security specialists warn that security is a global problem that should be taken seriously in all industries and regions. As hackers are more experienced, the campaigns they launch are more sophisticated, so companies must monitor all activity and train employees to promptly counter cyberattacks.

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