Ask Us Anything about Security Day! Bitdefender’s security analysts are ready with answers

Bitdefender security experts Bogdan Botezatu and Liviu Arsene will happily answer all questions related to security and cyber threats via Facebook and Twitter on Sept.28, celebrating “Ask a Stupid Question Day,” an event created by US teachers in the 1980s to encourage students to ask more questions in the classroom.

”The only stupid question is the one left unasked,” the analysts agree. ”The whole purpose of this exercise is to encourage everyone to stay inquisitive and not fear being ridiculed for asking security-related questions that others consider common knowledge.”

Bogdan Botezatu has been working in the tech industry for well over 12 years as a programmer, system administrator, engineer and policy maker. In 2008 he joined Bitdefender. He is currently a senior e-threat analyst with the Romanian antimalware vendor, where he builds awesome apps, curates news and gives presentations about threats or technologies. His expertise includes malware deobfuscation, detection, removal & prevention and advanced persistent threats.

Liviu Arsene is a Senior E-Threat analyst for Bitdefender, with a strong background in security and technology. Reporting on global trends and developments in computer security, he writes about malware outbreaks and security incidents while coordinating with the technical and research departments. His passions revolve around innovative technologies and gadgets, focusing on their security applications and long-term strategic impact. When he’s not online, he’s either taking something apart or putting it back together.


Get your questions ready and our security analysts will be there to help you find answers.

WHEN: Sept.28, 09.00 EST

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