Attempt to smuggle drugs using prison laptop

Smugglers attempted to smuggle drugs inside the prison using prison laptop with a help of  an east European hacker prisoner.

Navigating to the prison laptop was quite simple, for prison officials there was dog icon, and for inmates it was cat icon. The dog icon allowed access to administrator privileges and internet, whereas the cat icon was just a  gateway to little more than a basic word processor.

A visitor smuggled a coded pen drive to a prison, which when inserted at the time of booting up, detected the password required to unlock the administrator privileges.

The authorities were using the lapel numbers of prison officers as a password. Once they were in, the plotters could work late into the night.

“It’s extremely difficult to lock devices down if you have physical access to a machine. In that case all bets are off,” said Don Smith, a security expert and Technology Director at Dell Secure Works. “It’s highly likely that a determined adversary would find a way on to a system.”

Under article six of the Convention on Human Rights – inmates are allowed to have computers to prepare for their legal cases.

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