Author: DN

Dark Mode On WhatsApp!

Given the habit of going through WhatsApp’s beta code customarily just to hunt for new feature updates, WABetsInfo was the publication that had leaked the information about the Dark Mode scheme. The dark mode which according to the publication is a dream, as mentioned via Twitter, does not just save the eyes, but is a major battery Saviour and helps the battery to last longer.

Devices with the OLED screen would pick up the feature in a way that the blacks displayed on the screen won’t activate individual pixels leading to a lot less power consumption.

The latest beta version included the dark mode but there is no assurance of its being available to the user’s worldwide as on a daily basis a lot of contemporary features are tried out but never make it to the final version of the update.

Despite all that’s being said, WhatsApp hasn’t made an official statement on the issue. Only when the update is finally installed would the questions that exist, be answered.