Avast users grappling with Internet Issues & Malwarebytes exacerbate the concerns.

This may well be this week’s most visible Internet problems, fairly sough-after antivirus Avast disappointed its users with an upgrade which led to internet problems and reporting of the same by the wide user base coupled with the conflicts it is causing with Malwarebytes worsens the alarming affair.

On the quick-fix front, users can consider disabling a protection module from either of the programs to have both the programs functioning properly at the same time.

Connectivity issues with Avast 18.6.2349 

Avast forums witnessed an accumulation of complaints by the user base that came following the upgrade to Avast 18.6.2349, which reportedly barred their accessibility to the websites.
The technical examinations of the issue revealed a significant gap in the information on conflict, the diagnose revealed that it doesn’t entail a complete loss of connectivity as users could ping IP addresses. However, they couldn’t access websites via browsers.

The component that safeguards users against malicious sites/scripts – Avast Webshield – when disabled, users regained the standard access to the websites.

A complain has it that this issue can be a probable outcome of a failed update that falls short on previously embedded Avast drivers.

To avoid problems, users are advised to perform a clean install of Avast – which potentially can resolve the issue, easing the concern.

Magnified concerns- Avast led Malwarebytes conflicts.

Avast installed along with Malwarebytes served only to exacerbate the situation by increasing the number and severity of problems. Malfunctioning in Malwarebyte’s support tool, frequent crashes while opening program’s dashboard and disruptions in keeping the real-time protection enabled are some of the widely reported reasons that had Avast users troubled.

The forums had agitations piled up as the victimized users went on explaining how they can switch between disabling the Malwarebyte’s Web protection component and Avast’s “Real Site Protection” feature, one at a time to restore normal functioning of the system and avoiding accessibility complications.

Although users couldn’t deduce a common cause, Avast Developer, however, says that the issue is expectedly a technical war waging between the web protection modules of both the programs. He further hinted at how Malwarebytes is failing to perform UDP filtering which uses an MS recommended solution. Supposedly, this could be a reason guiding the conflict, however, that doesn’t conclude the story as certain reports showed the conspicuous prevalence of the similar problem (Following 18.6.2349 update) in systems with no Malwarebytes installed.

For all the MBAM users who want to have their Web Protection Module enabled, they are advised against enabling Avast’s “Real Site Protection” – the piece of advice came from Devin Collins, the Malwarebytes support engineer. According to him, Malwarebytes is operating smoothly with Avast/AVG – which qualifies as a potential solution as of now.

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