Bank’s Data Center Shut Down for 10 Hours Following Loud Noise

A bank’s linked services went offline after a loud noise during a fire extinguishing test caused damage to hard drives stored at its main data center.On 10 September, ING Bank conducted a drill to evaluate the fire suppression system at its main data center in Bucharest, Romania.The fire preparedness plan involves the release of inert gas stored in cylinders at a high velocity.According to those familiar with the incident, the gas produced a loud noise in excess of 130 decibels when it escaped its canisters. The sound was so loud, Motherboard reports, that it caused dozens of hard drives at the data center to vibrate. Those vibrations traveled throughout the devices to the read/write heads, which went off their data tracks.Daniel Llano, Head of ING Retail Banking, explains in a press release (translated into English) that the security incident prevented customers from accessing their accounts:“…[A]ll linked services were affected: card transactions, ATM transactions, internet banking, communication and website As a result, much of the transactions could not be processed. Also, the communication with clients was much delayed, also due to inability to access our database.”

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