Bengaluru Police Resort To Ethical Hackers In Hacking Cases

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The Bengaluru City police (BCP) plans to outsource technology-based police work to non-uniformed technical cadres to further high-tech policing in the city.

The BCP, which boasts of 8.11 lakh followers on Twitter, is looking at bringing in ethical hackers who can stay ahead of the game when it comes to online fraud. They are the first to use Blackberry phones to book traffic offenders and to use point-of-sale machines during the cash crunch.

On a dayto-day basis, it uses Hoysala, the GPS-fitted mobile squads. Digital notepads, photographs of crime scene and other details are relayed at the touch of a button from crime scenes.

The tech team of the Bengaluru Police is expected to be functioning by the end of April.
City Police Commissioner Praveen Sood said, “If I have to introduce new technology initiatives, it will easily take two years and I won’t be in the same post to implement and monitor it. We don’t have time to train our staff. So, we have decided to outsource the work to tech experts and use them in cracking cases.”
Sood is also opening the new cyber crime wing under the central crime branch in the next one month.

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