BrahMos Breach With Coded Games: Dispatching Sensitive Information Across The Border?

Recently, an aerospace engineer, Nishant Agrawal was taken to be responsible for the leakage of majorly sensitive information. Apparently, the harvested information was meant for some Pakistani based operators.

The National Institute of Technology’s former student who also worked as a research intern in IIT Roorkee initially, according to Anti-Terrorism Squad, was contacted by two women who pretended to offer him a job in Canada and a handsome salary and ever since then he had been on terms with them.  The IP addresses and accounts were confirmed as that from Pakistan. The matter is still being investigated and concrete statements can’t be made as of now.

Nishant worked as the head of the hydraulics-pneumatics and warhead integration and had also been awarded by the Young Scientist Award quite recently. He had been working in Nagpur for the past one year. ATS found confidential information on Agrawal’s laptop that holds relevance with security and defense. Despite going through strenuous questioning, Nishant could not help the agents make head or tail of the presence of such sensitive information on his device. 

The affair of sharing information had been on for the past two years.
Being wiser to a lot, Agrawal was the best person to provide internal information regarding the latest technology that’s been recently developed by India and Russia, collectively. The sharing of the data was not just restricted to ISI but had reached to other foreign countries as well. The aforementioned “information” is related to seekers and is about the seeker technology that helps in determining the accuracy of any missile.  

The cleverest part about the entire scenario is that Nishant, under the veil of a “Coded game” used to transport the precarious information to the handlers.  As per the ATS, once the gaming codes are decoded there is a fair chance of decrypting the aforementioned information. 

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