British lady lost £50,000 in a “phishing scam”

Beware of doing any Online transaction as a lady from London has claimed that she lost £50,000, her life savings in a “phishing scam”.
According to a report published on BBC, the 59-yeat-old
Vivian Gabb told in the Victoria Derbyshire’s, a British journalist and a
broadcaster, was in the middle of buying a house when her email got
hacked by the crooks.
She said that she was conned out of her life savings by
scammers who sent her a ‘phishing’ email with instructions to wire the money to
the “bank”.
She was unaware that every email
she wrote and received was being monitored by criminals.
According to her, the criminals sent her a message disguised
as a follow-up email from her solicitor and asked her to deposit nearly £50,000
into their account.
According to the news report, the Get Safe Online,  an internet safety advice website, says more
than half (51%) of people in the UK have been a victim of an online crime, and
15% of people have been victims of either attempted or successful hacks of
their email account.

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