BTCrawler – Bluetooth Diagnostic & Discovery Tool

BTCrawler is an application used to to discover Bluetooth devices and the services they provide, it is useful if you wish to know which Bluetooth enabled devices are in your proximity for debugging, spying, curiosity or any other purpose.

With this program you’ll be even able to find every service provided by those devices and to list all its Bluetooth attributes.

When the application is started, it firstly enables the Bluetooth service on the device if it was not already on and then it searches for information about all pre-known devices. During those operations a wait screen is shown. Please be patient, because the initial loading can take a little long.


  • List pre-known devices and devices cached by the local Bluetooth implementation;
  • New device discovery;
  • Per device service discovery;
  • Customizable list of discovered services;
  • Complete attribute list for each device or service.

All known properties of any discovered device will be shown. Such properties include:

  • The device name;
  • The device Bluetooth address;
  • The major class of the device;
  • The minor class of the device;
  • The list of classes of service provided by the device.

It will then iterate through the services available on the device, and of those services it will attempt to discover the service attributes of each available service.

You can download BTCrawler here:


Or read more here.

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