Bug: Not beyond January 1, 1970 for Apple users

Its truly said you cannot go back in time, but you can  definitely change the date on your mobile phones. However, with iPhone you cannot go back to January 1, 1970.

An Apple user  recently was playing with his iPhone’s Date & Time settings, “Hello, I was playing around with my Date & Time settings and I changed the time to January 1st 1970. I shutdown my phone and restarted it, the result is a bricked iPhone. I’ve tried restoring, updating, but nothing seems to be working.”

After he reported this fault,  A tech website 9to5mac posted a a video demonstrating the fault. It appear that this fault only affects the Apple devices which have 64-bit processors — meaning iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and the sixth-generation iPod Touch, or newer models of those devices.

According to the video posted when you change the date to January 1, 1970, and then restart your device, you will only see the Apple logo on the screen, where it apparently gets permanently stuck.

NBC News has conntacted Apple but they haven’t responded to their queries.

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