Busy Weekend

News coverage can often be like waiting for a bus. You can go a long time when nothing really happens and then suddenly lots of them arrive together. This weekend was one of those occasions when BH Consulting was in various media outlets.

Firstly, my latest article for HelpNet Security Magazine was published. The article focuses on the skills shortage that we are currently witnessing in the cybersecurity industry. I argue that we need to stop looking at technical skills to bridge this gap but rather look at other disciplines which complement what we are looking to achieve in our field.  You can read the article at the HelpNet Security Magazine website.

I was also interviewed by the Sunday Business Post and the Journal  to discuss the security and privacy risks that may arise from the revelations that various Irish Government ministers use private email platforms to conduct some of their business. The Sunday Business Post article is here and The Journal article is available from here.

Finally, the recent coverage of the controvery surrounding Garda Sergeant Maurice McCabe also resulted in me being interviewed to discuss the technical aspects relating to the terms of reference for the Charleton Inquiry and accessing data from mobile phones. I was interviewed and appeared on the RTE This Week program and also for the Sunday Business Post.

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