Clash Of Kings Breach Leaks 1.6 Million Accounts

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The official forum of the popular ‘clash of kings’ game has been hacked and the hacker has reportedly stolen 1.6 million user accounts.

The data breach has revealed the names, email addresses, IP addresses, facebook data and access tokens. In addition, password details are stored in the breached database in a salted and hashed form.

According to the hacker, Clash of Kings forum was using an old version of vBulletin dated back to 2013 and the forum also didn’t have any HTTPS encryption making things easy for the attacker.

For instance, if a hacker now knows that you are a fan of Clash of Kings and a member of the forum it is easy to imagine that they might be tempted into sending out tailored email messages to users, perhaps tricking them into revealing their passwords through phishing attacks or luring them into clicking on links which might lead to malware.

There has been no official statement from the Clash of Kings forum yet. The forum is currently offline and under maintenance.

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