Comcast Agrees to $33M Settlement Over Privacy Breach

Cable operator Comcast has agreed to a $33 million settlement with California authorities following a privacy breach that exposed the numbers, phone numbers, and addresses of 75,000 people between 2010 and 2012.According to, the breach first occurred when a Comcast system upgrade failed to mark as private the information of thousands of customers who paid an additional $1.50 a month to protect their information from being


Source: ABC NewsThat data subsequently appeared online and in phone books after it was sold through a listings data licensing company. In 2013, Comcast decided to refund $2.5 million to the affected customers, thereby covering the period during which their information was made public.Now some two years later, the cable operator has agreed to pay $25 million in penalties and investigative costs to the California Department of Justice and the California Public Utilities Commission. Comcast has also set aside $8 million to pay each customer affected by the breach $100.

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