Communication Is Key in the Battle Against Cybercrime

Information Security conferences should form part of the front line when it comes to tackling cybercrime. Unless we learn to share information as an industry, we are always going to be on the back foot.I’m spending a little down time with my family after the relentless pace of the Can Sec West conference in Vancouver, where I had the pleasure of meeting folks working in threat intelligence from some of the “big names” in the industry. The research was impeccable, and the openness remarkable.From all the security researchers I met, the emphasis seemed to focus on sharing information towards building a safer Internet. That is something I will stand behind; there was no sign of political wrangling, nor should there have been. All of us want to build safe systems, and the way to do that is by sharing vulnerability information, indicators of compromise and security failures.With the arrival of IoT, so much of our physical infrastructure is vulnerable. From security software installed on machines and “helper apps” trying to keep you updated, to the very operating systems themselves, cyber criminals have a broad attack surface at which they can relentlessly pound away.It’s, therefore, hard not to get a little bit depressed, especially when you watch the video below and learn that many of the devices we use are about as secure as your car door against a plunger.

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