“Cyber of Emotion” hacks saudi websites

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Many Saudi websites were hacked by a group that gave
warnings that they would be making the attacks.The group known as “Cyber of
Emotion” hacked more than 24 government websites over a period of two hours.
As reported by Al-Riyadh newspaper, the visitors to the
website were directed to a page that read- “We do not want to harm the site. Had it been hacked by
enemies, your personal information, emails and registration data would have
been compromised.”

hackers said that their team had already warned their administrators that the
websites are not properly secured and they should do something about it, but, the
warnings were ignored, they claim.

newspaper reported that the websites hacked included that of government
hospitals, municipalities, education departments, social development offices
and health departments.

websites, however, started working properly a few hours after the attack.

year, the twitter account of Ministry of Justice was hacked by the same group.

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