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Webcams which are utilised for numerous applications both at individual and organisational levels have transformed into new cybersecurity dangers, another report said on Tuesday. As indicated by a report titled “Vulnerabilities in Foscam IP Cameras” by Finland-based digital security firm F-Secure, different vulnerabilities are tormenting a huge number of web-associated cameras around the world. 

The scientists found an aggregate of 18 vulnerabilities in these webcams and expressed that an aggressor can see the video sustain, control the camera operation and transfer and download records from the inherent FTP server.

“Foscam-made IP cameras have multiple vulnerabilities that can lead to full device compromise,” the report claimed.

“An unauthenticated attacker can persistently compromise these cameras by employing a number of different methods leading to full loss of confidentiality, integrity and availability, depending on the actions of the attacker,” it added.

F-secure informed Foscam about the vulnerabilities, however, got no reaction. As indicated by F-secure, Foscam has purportedly a background marked by bugs enabling access to video nourishes from IP cameras and infant screens.

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