Data Privacy Day: Reminding Us of Data Protection

Every year on January 28th we are reminded of the importance of our personal data and how it could be misused against us. More than 47 European countries along with United States and Canada celebrate it, unanimously agreeing that our personal and private information is worth more than we could imagine.

In 2015 alone we’ve seen numerous data breaches, ranging from Ashley Maddison and Anthem to the Office of Personnel Management and the Army National Guard. Dozens of millions of federal workers and internet users have had their names, social security numbers, home address, and even phone numbers leaked online, exposing them to various types of fraud.

However, one of CIO’s top priorities for 2016 revolves around preventing data leaks and making sure that not only intellectual property but also sensitive user data is kept safe. As sensitive data can reside on a wide range of device, such as phones, tablets, laptops and PCs, it’s up to both users and companies that use it to keep it safe both locally and in transit.

As worldwide spending on cybersecurity is growing 10 percent to 15 percent annually, companies are beginning to implement various DLP solutions aimed at security all processed data.

Users, on the other hand, have to rely their own methods for keeping data safe. This includes everything from installing security solutions to carefully avoiding posting online critical information related to credit card details, social security numbers or even personal photos.

If the average user has often been targeted by data-stealing malware or malicious applications that collect on-device data, Bitdefender predictions for 2016 eye a turn for the worse – companies will be the ones most targeted, as attackers can get their hands on much more data at once.

As if data breaches and malware weren’t enough, new laws and legislation aim to restrict privacy even more as cyberterrorist activities pressure governments into adopting laws that some believe infringe on basis rights.

While the internet is truly a place where notions of data and privacy are jumbled together, we strongly encourage everyone to take another look at some of the tips we proposed last year on how to stay safe online.

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