Detroit Zoo victim of a data breach

Service Systems Associates,  third-party operator of the  Detroit Zoo was recently the victim of a data security breach.

The credit and debit card information’s were used for purchases at the zoo’s gift shops over a three-month period.

Patricia Janeway, zoo spokeswoman said that “In addition to credit and debit card numbers, the cyber hackers reportedly gained access to card holders’ names, card expiration dates and three-digit CVV security codes.”

After SSA learned of the data breach, they  installed a separate credit card processing system at its retail outlets.

In preliminary forensic  investigation it was revealed that there was a malicious software,  in SSA’s software.

“We are obviously concerned that the vendor’s system was compromised,” said Gerry VanAcker, chief operating officer of the zoo. “Transactions made since June 26 are not affected by the previous break and it is safe to use a credit or debit card at SSA’s retail locations.”

“The zoo’s IT systems — including those used for ticket and membership sales — were not affected by the data breach and are secure,” Janeway said.

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