DShield Analyzer for Cortex

TheHive is an awesome tool to perform incident management. One of the software components that is linked to TheHive is Cortex defined as a “Powerful observable analysis engine“. Let’s me explain why Cortex can save you a lot of time. When you are working on an incident in TheHive, observables are linked to it. An observable is an IP address, a hash, a domain, filename, … (note: it is not an IOC, yet!). Let’s say you have an incident evolving 10 IP addresses. It could be quite time-consuming (read: “boring”) to search for each IP address in reputation databases or websites like Virustotal. Cortex is made for this purpose. It relies on small modules called “analyzers” that will query a specific service for information about your observables, parse the returned data and pass them to TheHive. There are already plenty of analyzers available today for most of the well-known online services (the complete list is available here) and, regularly, people submit new analyzers for specific online resources. Being a SANS ISC Handler, one of my favourite IP reputation database is, of course, DShield which has its own API. Surprisingly, there was no analyzer available for DShield. So, I wrote mine!

The analyzer is provided to work with IP addresses:

When you click on a DShield taxonomy, you get the details about this IP address:DShield Report

To install the analyzer, copy files from my Github repo in your $CORTEX_ANALYZERS_PATH/analyzers/ and restart your Cortex instance. The analyzer will be listed and can be enabled (no further configuration is required). Enjoy!

(Note: I’ll submit a pull-request to the official repository)

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