DyMerge – Bruteforce Dictionary Merging Tool

DyMerge is a simple, yet powerful bruteforce dictionary merging tool – written purely in python – which takes given wordlists and merges them into one dynamic dictionary that can then be used as ammunition for a successful dictionary based (or bruteforce) attack.

One day the author was making his way through a ctf challenge, and he thought about how powerful a single dictionary could become if only it contained every possibly relevant wordlist extracted from previous leaked content, provided by everyday cracking tools, and created by custom word list generators. All into one.

DyMerge gives you the opportunity to sit back and relax while your password cracking tool does its job for you, without thinking that you’ll most probably going to have to try using a different dictionary, which – undoubtedly – contains many of the same words as the previous one.

DyMerge deals with that issue for you as it removes duplicates.


Usage: python dymerge.py {dictionaries} [options]

To view all available options run:

You can download DyMerge here:

Or read more here.

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