E-Commerce Websites On MagentoCore Malware’s Hit List

E-Commerce Websites On MagentoCore Malware’s Hit List

A Dutch researcher and security blogger uncovered the infection that was being faced by the e-commerce websites that were using Magento software. Thousand were being stolen by this very malware.

MagentoCore as the malware is named is a major predator of the e-commerce sites that use Magento. Over 50 different websites are being attacked every day and the skimmer had been installed in more than 7300 online stores in recent times, according to sources.


The list of the attacked includes multi-million dollar organizations ensuring that the cyber-predators are wresting a smashing profit out of these companies. But the customers unquestionably are the veritable victims as their identity and cards get endangered, ultimately.

Course of Action

The malware begins with the ‘Brute-Force’ attack in which the malware attempts to predict the password of the Magento Admin panel and then after the access is acquired a malicious code is injected to the HTML and that helps to record the keystrokes of all the customers. The data that is sent to the hacker’s server is filled with the usernames, passwords credit card details and personal information.

Recovery Mechanism

A recovery system that deleted the code the moment it was made to run was discovered too. Over 220000 websites were analysed by a researcher. Out of which 4.2% were exposing the information and personal details of the users.

De Groot, a researcher advised all the organizations that suspected themselves of being affected by the precarious malware to follow a particular set of actions out of which the first and the foremost was to realize how exactly the malware got into action and protection against any further chances. Moreover, an analysis of the access logs and staff IPs in major working hours must be done so as to ensure that no staff software is infected with the malware and that the attacker has not hijacked the authorised session.

As per De Groot, all the defunct or potentially dead online stores should donate their domain names so that attacks that could happen in the future and those in the past could be tracked down.

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