Effect Of "Internet Of Things" & Artificial Intelligence On Elections And Others.

Effect Of “Internet Of Things” & Artificial Intelligence On Elections And Others.

Latest technological advancements are beginning to become a point of worry for the election officials as the hackers are targeting the systems using AI.

After social media, phishing attacks and, ransomware, cyber-goons have resorted to Artificial Intelligence for tampering with the election security. The most distressing part is that the attackers are way more powerful than the defenders could ever be, at least in recent times.

The days of slow and tedious cyber-attacks are gone. AI has made the process a lot easier making the number of chances at hacking increase suitably and it is all automatic. Political campaigns and other election systems are suspected to be manipulated quite successfully.
To tackle automated hacks and easily dodge them Google has its own reliable AI system that identifies bot-presence and handles it accordingly after analyzing the attack patterns.

In the list of infiltrated campaigns, one massive name is of the Clinton campaign, where evasive efforts at fooling the chairman were made and the systems were hacked into, to harvest sensitive campaign details.

Political campaigns have been tampered with for years now, password hacking being the most cliché of all. Loads of sensitive information is secured by basic passwords which are effortless to crack by the emerging automated bots that use “Password Stuffing”.

Someone logs into two websites using the same email address and usernames and if any of those websites gets compromised, then the entire set of details gets published on what the researchers like to call the “Dark Web”. So anyone who has ever used the same username or email-id password combination at more than one site is at risk.

Bots use the abstracted passwords and usernames to make incessant login attempts in the accounts of the campaign staffers and election officials using one password combination until one of them works.
Botnets have been the reason behind, more than 250,000 illegitimate attempts at logging in, every hour.

According to sources, a major organization’s technology head alluded that the more data available to AI’s computation the stronger it gets. Hackers live for data, and what better source could there be than the network created by many devices that are interconnected, which goes by the name of “IoT” or “Internet of Things”. IoT encompasses it all, beginning from smart home appliances to smart cars, in fact, monitors for babies and other toys are not left behind either. The online market is brimming with IoT devices which aren’t even secured properly, making them more susceptible to cyber-malice and automated attacks.

Every IoT device must be securely fabricated, safely, used and managed as well, otherwise, the organizations and users would lie naked to great danger.

A botnet had previously wreaked a lot of havoc in 2016 elections in the US. In case it targets IoT devices at the time of the elections the internet would turn inaccessible and the voters’ communication would collapse completely.

The growth and prosperity of AIs are inevitable, but companies and organizations must on their own level take steps to tighten the security.

According to a reputed source, every nook and cranny of the systems concerned must be doubly secured so as to ensure that the attackers can’t find a way to hack into them. Moreover, unique passwords seem to be the only viable solution. 

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