Elon Muck claims Twitter locked his account

Elon Musk has claimed on Tuesday that Twitter locked his account fearing it had been hacked following several bizarre posts about anime. Twitter apparently believed someone else was in control of Mr Musk’s account.

Musk’s tweet, however, did not clarify the reason or the duration for which the account was locked.

The Tesla and Space x chief had earlier posted a couple of tweets citing his ‘love’ for the Japanese style ‘anime’ (animated characters).

A second post, apparently written by Musk around 40 minutes later, stated he owned a wolverine, describing it as “chibi” – a Japanese slang term for short or small.

“Twitter thought I got hacked & locked my account haha,” Musk tweeted.

Earlier Musk had also tweeted: “Wanna buy some Bitcoin?” Mr Musk’s suspect tweet had featured an anime drawing of a girl wearing Bitcoin-themed clothing.

Several fake accounts have previously used images of Mr Musk and variations of his name to promote cryptocurrency scams, sometimes within replies to his posts.

Musk did reply to a tweet in which an user claimed that the account was “not hacked.” The tech tycoon replied to this and wrote: “That is correct.”

“For privacy and security reasons, we don’t comment on individual accounts,” explained a spokeswoman of Twitter.

The billionaire is pretty much vocal about his actions on the micro-blogging site Twitter and often engages in interactions with its users. The entrepreneur, worth an estimated $19.5bn (£15bn), has built a reputation for his unpredictable behavior on the social media platform in recent months.

Before this, Musk had announced that the hyperloop ultra high speed transport system will be unveiled in Los Angeles in early December with free test rides to the public.

In September, Musk was forced to step down as Tesla chairman and personally pay $20m (£15m) to settle a US government lawsuit alleging he misled investors in tweets about a potential buyout of the firm.

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