Equifax’s data breach exposed millions of Driver’s Licenses, Passports, and Other ID’s


A credit-monitoring company, Equifax has submitted a “statement for the record” to the Securities and Exchange Commission about the data breach of customers exposed last year, after.

The company revealed that personal information of more than 56,000 customers had been stolen during the incident. The compromised data includes driving license numbers, passports, social security numbers, names, birthdates, and addresses.

Of the 146.6 million individuals affected by the breach:
145.5 million had Social Security numbers exposed.
99 million had address information exposed.
27.3 million had gender information exposed.
20.3 million had phone numbers exposed.
17.6 million had driver’s license numbers exposed.
1.8 million had email addresses exposed.
209,000 had credit card numbers exposed.
97,500 had Tax Identification numbers exposed.
27,000 had the state of their driver’s license exposed.

Other than data, hackers also stole thousands of photos uploaded that came from passports and driver’s licenses. “Up to 182,000 people had uploaded images to Equifax’s server,” the company said.

Here is the number of people whose photos were stolen from Equifax’s server:

Driver’s License: 38,000
Social Security or Taxpayer ID card: 12,000
Passport: 3,200
Other: 3,000

“Through the company’s analysis, Equifax believes it has satisfied applicable requirements to notify consumers and regulators,” the company said in its SEC filing.

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