evilscan – Massive IP Port Scanner

port          port(s) you want to scan, examples:





  reverse       display DNS reverse lookup                                    


  reversevalid  only display results having a valid reverse dns, except if

                  ports specified                                              


  geo           display geoip (free maxmind)                                  


  banner        display banner                                                

  bannerlen     set banner length grabing

                  default 512

  bannerraw     display raw banner (as a JSON Buffer)                        


  progress      display progress indicator each seconds


  status        ports status wanted in results (example status=OT)



                  O(open, default)



  scan          scan method

                  tcpconnect (full connect, default)

                  tcpsyn (half opened, not yet implemented)

                  udp (not yet implemented)


  concurrency   max number of simultaneous socket opened

                  default 500


  timeout       maximum number of milliseconds before closing the connection

                  default 2000


  display       display result format (json,xml,console)

                  default console


  json          shortcut for display=json                                  


  xml           shortcut for display=xml                                    


  console       shortcut for display=console                                


  help          display help                                                  


  about         display about                                                


  version       display version number            

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