Facebook Messenger: A Weapon of Cyber Scoundrels?

Facebook Messenger: A Weapon of Cyber Scoundrels?

According to what FBI has warned about, Facebook Messenger is being used by cyber crooks to entrap the users into opening malicious links.

These links are a pathway for the wrongdoers to the personal data of the user.

A very well-known version of the scam reads, ‘Alton Towers is giving away 5 free tickets to 500 families.’ Another variation read, “we’re giving 5 free passes to 500 families to celebrate our 110th birthday!’ The clicker is later directed to an online survey form, which needs to be filled and is promoted to forward it to friends within the instant messaging app.

The scam was excavated on the Messenger of Facebook, but moreover, now WhatsApp and various other applications aren’t left alone either.

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