From incident response to countermeasures: varied security talks await at Irisscon 2017

Irisscon 2017 takes place next week, and as always, the conference will feature a varied mix of security-related themes. Topics confirmed so far range from incident response, ethical hacking, and working in security, to gamification, research and offensive countermeasures.

Career guidance

The IRISSCERT Cyber Crime Conference, to give its full title, is now in its ninth consecutive year.  One of the main themes across many of the presentations is the diversity of career opportunities in security. Leading industry figures including Javvad Malik, Dr Jessica Barker, Quentyn Taylor, Thom Langford and Lee Munson, will all discuss areas related to working in this field.

Thom Langford of Publicis Groupe, speaking at Irisscon 2015. Photo credit: Mathew J. Schwartz

Sharing experience

Chris Boyd, lead malware intelligence analyst with Malwarebytes, will relate a personal account of what happened when his research foiled the efforts of a malicious group. (Chris has presented many times at past Irisscon events, and he has also penned a preview of this year’s conference.) The presentation from FC, an ethical hacker, will also feature front-line observation. His intriguingly titled talk, ‘how I rob banks’, looks at security shortcomings in financial services companies.

Incident response

First-hand experience will also play a role in the presentation from Dr Ciarán McMahon. He will draw parallels between getting caught in an earthquake while on holidays with responding to major security incidents. On a similar theme, David Stubley of 7 Elements will share key lessons to help make managing security incidents easier.

Think different

Dr Bob Jamieson of Mallinckrodt will argue for a new approach to security strategy using the principle of offensive countermeasures. He will make the case for rethinking how we protect everything from networks and applications to supply chains and relationships.

Lance Spitzner of SANS, delivering a talk at Irisscon 2015. Photo credit: Mathew J. Schwartz

Game of flags

Maria Hyland will discuss how IBM has built up security awareness both internally and on behalf of clients. Her presentation will echo a common refrain heard at Irisscon in previous years: the importance of sharing information to improve security. It will also look at how gamification techniques can help to embed good staff security practices.

While the presentations take place, IRISSCERT and the IBM X-Force command Dublin team will be running the annual cybersecurity challenge. This ‘capture the flag’ competition pits teams against each other in a controlled environment, as they try to exploit weaknesses in vulnerable systems. The aim of the competition is to show how attackers could access an organisation’s systems, and consequently how to prevent such attacks.

Irisscon 2017 takes place at the Ballsbridge Hotel on Thursday, 23 November. We are delighted to be sponsoring this year’s event and look forward to meeting you at our stand. Register now to secure your place and do drop by and say hello to us! For further information on the event, please visit here.

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