Gdog – Python Windows Backdoor With Gmail Command & Control


           ____ _____/ /___  ____ _

          / __ `/ __  / __ / __ `/

         / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ /

         __, /__,_/____/__, /

        /____/            /____/

optional arguments:

  h, help            show this help message and exit

  v, version         show programs version number and exit

  id ID                Client to target

  jobid JOBID          Job id to retrieve

  list                 List available clients

  info                 Retrieve info on specified client


  Commands to execute on an implant

  cmd CMD              Execute a system command

  visitwebsite URL     Visit website

  message TEXT TITLE   Show message to user

  tasks                Retrieve running processes

  services             Retrieve system services

  users                Retrieve system users

  devices              Retrieve devices(Hardware)

  download PATH        Download a file from a clients system

  downloadfromurl URL

                        Download a file from the web

  upload SRC DST       Upload a file to the clients system

  execshellcode FILE  Execute supplied shellcode on a client

  screenshot           Take a screenshot

  lockscreen          Lock the clients screen

  shutdown             Shutdown remote computer

  restart              Restart remote computer

  logoff               Log off current remote user

  forcecheckin        Force a check in

  startkeylogger      Start keylogger

  stopkeylogger       Stop keylogger

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