Gen Y Makes Security and Privacy Top Priorities While Surfing Online

Security and privacy are more important than page load speeds, customization or social integration features during online browsing, according to a study by Refuel Agency on Generation Y members.

Image source: Flickr

Some 70% of the respondents say security is important in a browser and 68% care about privacy. Webpage loading speed and user friendly features come third and fourth. Customizability and social integration are relevant for 37% and 21%, respectively.

Two out of every three millennial teens are likely to try a new browser, respondents say.


As of July 2015, 63.3% of internet users browse with Google Chrome, 21.6% use Mozilla Firefox and 6.5% Internet Explorer. Safari and Opera come next, according to Browser Statistics and Trends by w3schools. Google Chrome constantly increases its market share by attracting Firefox and Internet Explorer users. Both Firefox and Internet Explorer reported this summer historical minimum market shares.

Millennial teens spend 17 hours a day, on average, on tech devices. Cell phone/smartphone usage averages about six hours per day, study shows.

The study was conducted on 684 millennials aged 16 to 19 in June 2015.

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