Google Play Store no longer accepts crypto-mining apps

Taking a leaf from Apple’s rulebook regarding cryptocurrency mining, Google has updated its Play Store guidelines to keep shady financial instruments out of its Android applications venue.

Over on the Google Play Developer Policy Center, the tech giant explicitly states: “We don’t allow apps that expose users to deceptive or harmful financial instruments.” This isn’t a new policy from the Internet behemoth. However, the company has recently made an addendum to this category.

“We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency,” reads the newly added guideline.

In other words, Google Play will no longer be accepting any tools advertised as capable of mining virtual money using the customer’s mobile device. Google doesn’t expressly state the reasons behind its decision. However, it is reasonable to assume that the company wants to steer Android users clear of any potentially deceptive application description.

Google has yet to yank some existing crypto-mining apps from its Play Store. MinerGate Mobile Miner is perhaps the perfect example of deceptive advertising (considering the sheer processing horsepower needed to generate even a small amount of cryptocurrency). The app’s description states (emphasis ours):

“Start mining cryptocurrencies on the go! Most promising altcoins, such as Monero and Bytecoin, wallet stats and more. Make a mobile crypto fortune with MinerGate and exchange it to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other coins on our convenient exchange”

While MinerGate and other apps like it aren’t illegal, Google nonetheless appears keen on ridding its Android ecosystem of a potentially harmful experience. It remains to be seen how long it takes the web giant to eliminate all crypto-miners from its Play Store.

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