Google Rewards $36,000 For Finding Vulnerability

Google has rewarded an Uruguayan teenager with $36,000 for finding a  severe security vulnerability.

Ezequiel Pereira, a 17-year-old was surfing the site when he found a serious security flaw that would have abled him to make changes to internal computer systems of the company.

“I found something almost immediately that was worth $500 and it just felt so amazing. So I decided to just keep trying ever since then,” Pereira told CNBC. “It feels really good – I’m glad that I found something that was so important,” he added.

Although Pereira found the vulnerability earlier this year but was not allowed to write about the flaw and how he did it. However, this week he got permission from Google to write how he found the vulnerability after Google confirmed that it had fixed the issue.

This was Pereira’s fifth accepted bug, but his most lucrative.

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