Google’s Titan security key available for $50

Google launched a new security hardware called the ‘Titan security key,’ which allows users to add an extra layer of protection while accessing important online accounts.

 Google’s Titan Security Key is a hardware which acts as the master password for everything you need to access. Just don’t lose it.

The security dongle is now available for $50 in the Google store, it includes a Bluetooth key, a USB key, and the connectors. But the company was criticised for producing the security device in partnership with a Chinese manufacturer  Feitian.

The tech giant explained in their blog post that the Titans keys are built with FIDO standards. According to the Google, the firmware is able to abort any kind of the crypto operations.

“The firmware performing the cryptographic operations has been engineered by Google with security in mind. This firmware is sealed permanently into a secure element hardware chip at production time in the chip production factory. The secure element hardware chip that we use is designed to resist physical attacks aimed at extracting firmware and secret key material,” Google blog post.

“These permanently-sealed secure element hardware chips are then delivered to the manufacturing line which makes the physical security key device. Thus, the trust in Titan Security Key is anchored in the sealed chip as opposed to any other later step which takes place during device manufacturing.”

To use the Titan security key you would have to log in to your Google account and then configure it to be used in the account’s 2-Step Verification page. Once the 2-step verification page is set up, scroll down and select “Add a security key”.  And then you are done with the setup process.

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