Graham Central Station compromised with Empolyees’ personal documents

4 Investigates found a pile of records wound up in three giant dumpsters at Graham Central Station  in Albuquerque.The records includes social security number, date of birth and driver’s license number.
According to the tipster, “Driving down the alley, I noticed all the trash cans were full of boxes with what looked like files kind of spilling out the top of them.”
The 4 Investigates team collected the records and  attempted to contact every one of the former employees listed. There’s assurance that if the records had already been compromised or not, but investigative team alerted every one about the possible risk.
The blame game has started. Graham Central Station’s president, based in Texas, Roger Gearhart, refused to answer questions, but sent a statement through his attorney, “Graham Central Station was upset to learn that its landlord… recently discarded dozens of its personnel files into a public dumpster. Ross Plaza One evicted Graham Central Station from its building and offices in November 2014 and changed the locks, which prevented Graham Central Station from accessing its records for a period of months. Although Ross Plaza One assured Graham Central Station that its records would be destroyed, that apparently did not happen.”
However, emails from the landlord’s attorney offer a different perspective. The final letter from the landlord to Graham Central Station, which went unanswered, was: “I would like to confirm that Graham is aware that we intend to destroy and dispose of all the boxes…”
Those people who worked at Graham Central Station, need not to worry as  their records are now in safe hands. 
Graham Central Station was famous for having more than one club under one roof, but after eleven years in business, the club was closed down.

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