Hackers accessed sensitive data about a nuclear power plant in France

A cyber attack on a nuclear power plant in France has revealed thousands of confidential documents, while some of the data was found on a rented server in Germany.

According to the report, the hacker accessed data illegally from the French company Ingerop in June this year. The stolen data trove amounted to more than 65 gigabytes and includes data about nuclear power plant plants, blueprints for prisons, and tram networks.

“Thousands of sensitive documents pertaining to nuclear power plants, prisons, and tram networks have been stolen from the servers of a French company in a cyber attack, German and French media have reported Friday.” reported the German website DW.com.

“The data illegally accessed from the French company Ingerop back in June amounted to more than 65 gigabytes, according to reports by German public broadcaster NDR, the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung and French newspaper Le Monde.”

The spokeswoman of the Nuclear Power Plant said that the hackers got a hold on more than 11,000 files from a dozen projects.

The sensitive documents include the locations of CCTV cameras inside a French high-security prison, detailed information about the plant, and a proposed site for a nuclear waste dump in northeastern France.

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