Hackers behind Canadian security intelligence service

In less than two weeks the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) website was temporarily down for the second  time on 29 June.

According to the CTV News reports the latest hit was a denial of service attack. Jean-Christophe de Le Rue, a spokesman for the ministry of public safety and emergency preparedness, said, that the website was temporarily offline and that “no information has been breached. We are taking cyber security very seriously.”

The report said, citing sources, several attacks on many Canadian municipal and police websites has been conducted by the person behind the latest attack. A local news website reported that the responsibility for the attack was claimed by a person using the Twitter account @TWITRis4tards. However, authorities have not confirmed the identity of the hacker.

The main motive behind the attack is unknown but it is suspected that hacker tried to  drive the attention of the authorities toward Bill C-51, which gave the Canadian government power to intervene and stop “violent Islamic jihadi terrorists” supporting the Islamic State group.

Many government websites, including ServiceCanada.gc.ca and Parl.gc.ca, were attacked, for which the Anonymous group claimed responsibility. However,  sources told CTV News that this time the person was working alone, unlike previous attacks.

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