Hackers Steal 12 Million Baht From Thai Bank ATMs

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In another row of hack attacks, hackers have managed to steal 12.29 million Baht ($350,000) from the Government Savings Banks of Thailand. The bank shut down 3,000 ATMs after 21 machines were hacked. The hacking spree was conducted from August 1st onwards.

According to the Bangkok Post, GSB found that over 20 of its machines across the provinces of Bangkok, Chumphon, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Phetchaburi, Phuket and Surat Thani were targeted.

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The attack involved targeting of single machines and the malware used to compromise the ATM machines was so advanced that it could not be detected for quite some time. During the hacking campaign, hackers gradually withdrew 40,000 Baht (1154 US Dollar) every time.

Investigators have noted similarities between the malware heist in Thailand and previous attacks in Taiwan and Malaysia earlier this year. Last month, three suspects were arrested in Taiwan using a malware hack to access money from First Bank ATM machines.

Police General Panya Mamen said, “As of now the evidence we have found makes us confident that this group is linked to the gang who committed a similar robbery in Taiwan.”

 Thai police asked citizens to be on the lookout for strange behavior by foreigners at cash machines, noting that the hackers behind the heist spent a long time at each machine, usually late at night.

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