IGHASHGPU – GPU Based Hash Cracking – SHA1, MD5 & MD4

ighashgpu.exe [switch:param] [hashfile.txt]

c             csdepa Charset definition (caps, smalls (default), digits, special, space, all)

u             [chars] Userdefined characters

uh           [HEX] Userdefined characters in HEX (2 chars each)

uhh         [HEX] Userdefined characters in Unicode HEX (4 chars each)

uf            [filename] Load characters from file. Not used with Unicode.

sf            [password] Password to start attack from

m           [mask] Password mask

ms         [symbol] Mask symbol

salt        [hex] Append salt after password

asalt      [string] Append salt in ascii after password

usalt      [string] Append salt in unicode after password

ulsalt     [string] Same as above but unicode string firstly transformed to lower case

min       [value] Minimum length (default == 4), must be >= 4

max      [value] Maximum length (default == 6), must be <= 31 (not counting salt length)

h           [hash] Hash to attack (16 or 20 bytes in HEX)

t            [type] Type of hash to attack

devicemask:[N] Bit mask for GPUs usage, bit 0 == first GPU (default 0xFF, i.e. all GPUs).

cpudontcare Tell ighashgpu that you want maximum from GPU and so dont care about CPU usage at all (and it means one CPU core at 100% per one GPU).

hm               [N] Set threshold temperature for hardware monitoring, default is 90C. You can disable monitoring by setting this value to zero.

blocksize     [N] Set block size, by default N = 23 which means 2^23 = 8388608 passwords offloaded to GPU in a single batch.

By default charset processed as ANSI one. (i.e. WideCharToMultiByte(CP_ACP, ...) You can change this with:

unicode  Use unicode

oem        Use oem encoding

codepage  [page] Convert charset to specific codepage (need to have it at system of course

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