Indian Internet Companies Suffering Fake App Installations

Several companies nowadays spend lump sum amount on making their applications stand out in the midst of the rest. Getting somebody to install a mobile application once can be a challenge, however toss in a touch of little something beneficial and they might be willing to download the application multiple times.

India’s biggest mobile payments company Paytm’s , senior VP Deepak Abbot says that this is a problem that they encounter on a daily basis and more unbridled on third-party platforms or even ad networks outside Facebook and Google.

As indicated by him, a few systems, lure users to install an application by offering something as irrelevant as cash backs or other benefits, for example, recharge packs.

What’s more is that is to avail such incentives,, utilizing different internet addresses or device IDs a few users do install and uninstall such applications numerous times.

As indicated by the official report by the company around 20% of Paytm app downloads are fake, that alludes to users installing and deleting the application without investing any time or energy in it or participating in any exchange, bringing about nil returns on the cost incurred in motivating users to install the application.

Indian internet companies are as of now thinking about a sharp increment in such cases of mobile fraud even as rising traffic to their mobile platforms and driving application installation have turned out to become critical for development in a hyper-competitive environment. 

In a report last year by the US advertising and marketing company TUNE the extortion identified with mobile app installations in India is 1.7 times higher than the worldwide average, with 16.2% of the application installations in the nation being false.

 “India is the No. 1 country in terms of organic and inorganic app installs but we have seen an 85% increase in fraudulent installs of apps in the last one year,” said Sanjay Trisal, country manager, India, at Tel Aviv- “While the incentive for fraud in terms of parameters such as money made per click is much higher in other markets, India is an attractive country for fraudsters due to the sheer volume of installs” headquartered by the mobile marketing analytics and attribution firm AppsFlyer that works with more than 450 companies here including Shopclues, Paytm and Goibibo.

The most prevalent mobile frauds in India include:

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