Is Reliance Jio selling user data in US and Sinapore?

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Hacktivist group Anonymous has claimed that Reliance Jio could be making money by selling user call data to targeted ad networks in the US and Singapore without the information of the users.

The group, which claims to hack companies and governments said two Jio apps, including My Jio and Jio Dialer, are sending user information to an ad network called Mad-Me.

Anonymous has also in a blog explained how anyone could test what data Jio is sharing with international servers and recreate the hack themselves.

A Reliance Jio Infocomm spokesperson has denied it: “Jio takes its customers’ security and privacy very seriously. In keeping with its highest standards of governance, Jio does not share its customers’ data with any other entity. Any information captured by Jio is only for internal analysis to deliver better quality of service and recommend offerings from Jio’s product portfolio.”

Anonymous said that the Jio app was now relatively more secure than it was last year.
The hacktivist group said they tested apps from all other operators as well but only My Jio app and Jio Dialer were found to be sharing information with an ad network outside the country.

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