Israeli Firm ‘Cellebrite’ Claims To Hack Any Smartphone

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For any company, the matter of the security of its customers’ data is the highest concern. Breach in this will not only tarnish the company’s reputation but will also hamper the customer’s faith in the company.

Israeli security firm Cellebrite made headlines earlier this year when its services were employed by the FBI to help break into the phone of the San Bernardino shooter. The firm now claims that it can hack any smartphone.

The company said that it has the biggest research and development team in the sector and that the team is up-to-date with the latest technology which can decrypt and extract data from any phone in the world.

A BBC report details how the firm works with top notch software systems to disable security of the devices. The firm even supplies these units to authorities for data extraction in the field.

Yuval Ben-Moshe, senior technical director, didn’t hesitate to take a dig at iPhone 7 as well. “We can definitely extract data from an iPhone 7 as well – the question is what data”, said Moshe.

Moshe claimed that his firm can access data on “the largest number of devices that are out there in the industry”.

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