Karnataka State Higher Education Council’s website hacked

The  Karnataka State Higher Education Council’s (http://kshec.ac.in/) website was hacked by Clinkz4, a group of hackers, on 20 August.

From late Thursday till Friday afternoon the website was non-functional. In the middle of the homepage it  displayed a caricature of a laughing man holding wine and the words “CYBER TEAM ROCKS” and “Hacked by Clinkz48”, and in the end it reads “Your data belongs to me. F*** Your System India, 😛 Noob!!”

According to the data released by the  National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Bangaluru has the highest number of cyber crimes among 53 cities.

The statistic showed that 657 cases were reported in Bengaluru, while 386 in Hyderabad, 317 in Jaipur, and 205 in Lucknow, under the IT Act 2000.

“We will register a police complaint. The National Informatics Centre has fixed the website. We will take safety measures to prevent hacking of our website (in future) and also suggest the same to other departments,” said Bharath Lal Meena, principal secretary, higher education department.

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