LSAT – Linux Security Auditing Tool

./lsat [OPTIONS]


        d                      diff current and old md5, output in lsatmd5.diff

        f        Force a specific distribution test. Distro names are:







                                If no f option, lsat will guess. If lsat can

                                not guess the distribution, default is redhat.

        a            Show this (advanced) help page

        o            Output file name default is lsat.out

        r            Check rpm integrity redhat or mandrake only

        s            Silent mode

        v            Verbose output

        w            Output file in html format

        x            eXclude module(s) in filelist from checks...

                                modules listed in filename will be excluded

                                from checks. Valid module names are the module

                                names themselves without the check.

                                (e.g. set not checkset) the check.

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