‘Man-In-The-Disk’: The New Cyber Monster!

‘Man-In-The-Disk’: The New Cyber Monster!

The most common android applications have been noticed to be susceptible to a recent cyber-attack of the name “Man-in-the-disk”. 

This extraordinarily named attack is said to allow a third party application to take control over or crash other apps and (or) run a malicious code in the phone.

Some pretty popular apps were detected with the two types of ‘Man-in-the-disk’ attack, according to Check Point. To cite some examples, Google Translate, Yandex Search, Yandex Translate, Google Voice Typing and the super trendy Xiaomi are the applications that are exposed to the malicious update type attack.

The primary reason, these Android apps are being attacked is that the application developers have carelessly overlooked the Android Security Guidelines that include the basic methods for working with external storage.

Xiaomi decided not to take this ‘Man-in-the-disk’ situation into hand whereas, quite fortunately, Google, realizing the issue, has already released a patch for the affected applications.

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